A downloadable game for Windows

Only One Sprite was used to make Only One Level, and you get Only One Pulse to help you out. 

This tricky, single-level game will put your platforming abilities to the test. 

What's waiting for you in the dark? Only One way to find out. Be Impulsive and take a leap of faith. 

Good luck, and thank you for playing.


Impulse - Build 1.1 .zip 31 MB
Impulse - GMTK 2019 Build 1.0 .zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file of the game and extract the files. 

The game application is titled Impulse - GMTK 2019 Project.

Use A & D keys to move, Space to jump, and V to use your impulse

Development log


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This game can get a bit confusing in the start but , for a 24h game it not bad at all , good job man

Thank you!